Zero Footwear Cleaner Kit With Brush And Towel

Zero Footwear Cleaner Kit With Brush And Towel

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ZERO Footwear Cleaner is an ECO friendly, footwear cleaner made from plant-derived soap. It's been derived from the best formulas to be gentle on human skin and gentle on the planet.  It is completely free from dyes and additives. Please follow the directions for the best cleaning effects.  See below for information.

Kit includes:

  • 5 oz. ZERO Footwear Cleaner
  • Premium Cleaning Brush with soft bristles for less abrasion against delicate materials.
  • Premium Microfiber towel
  • Storage bag from recycled fabric. 

For best cleaning results; please follow the instructions:

1) Lightly dip footwear in water to remove loose dirt and dust. 
2) Wet the cleaning brush with water.
3) Apply a liberal amount of ZERO footwear cleaner to brush until bristles are covered.
4) Scrub footwear in a gentle motion.
5) After cleaning small parts of the shoe, wet shoe with water and continue to scrub.
6) Wipe with a clean, dry towel.
7) Repeat the cleaning process as needed.

Do not drink cleaning solution.  While safe on the skin, ingestion can cause irritation.  Please see medical attention if ingested.  Keep out of the reach of children.

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